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Emma June was diagnosed with Autism when she was just 2 years old.  Her disease inspired her family and a group of friends to create Emma’s Emmbassadors.  As this group learned more about Autism and the increasing number of children diagnosed each year, it was evident that further financial assistance was imperative.  While large non-profits such as Autism Speaks is making great strides in awareness campaigns and fundraising, often the local communities do not feel the impact.  The need for more local assistance quickly became evident to Emma’s supporters.


We were fortunate that Emma June was detected early, and as a result, she continues to demonstrate amazing improvement!  This is the result of school therapies as well as critical outside speech and occupational therapies weekly.  This early diagnosis and case-specific therapies are the keys to breaking the code that holds these children hostage.


Our goal is to bring localized awareness to this disease and, more importantly, raise funds to help support these children, their families and the schools, where special classes of Autistic children take place.  As we have learned more about this disease, we conclude that the specific needs of each child are potentially three-fold:


  1. Therapies (including speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, etc.)

  2. Special equipment for the sensory disorder component

  3. Support of the families who deal with the care as well as endless paperwork to support their autistic child

****We are Dreaming Bigger These Days****

Our continued support of children and families will never change when called upon, but as we see so many of these kids rapidly approaching young adulthood, we can't help but want to help them more.  As such, we believe that a real opportunity for EE is to be part of that transition by providing a way for them to embrace independence, contribute to the community and thrive in a safe environment. 


Sound ambitious?  Well, it is...and it is going to require lots of energy from many people and organizations to make it happen.  If you want to be part of this next critical phase of EE, then please contact us below.  We will need volunteers, donations and probably some organizations willing to partner with us to make these Big Dreams a Bigger Reality.

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