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Help End Autism Insurance Discrimination in Georgia - Join Us on Monday Feb 25th at the GA Capitol

Ava’s Law has just been introduced and endorsed by Autism Speaks to bring autism insurance reform to Georgia.  Your support is critical to this legislation passing in 2013. Whether you are living with someone diagnosed with autism or not, we encourage you to be informed about how treatments and therapies for autism can help those diagnosed. Next, contact your legislators to let them know you want their support in passing Ava’s Law. We CAN end autism discrimination in the state of Georgia!  32 states have passed autism insurance reform. Wouldn’t you like to see Georgia be the next state to step up for its more than 30,000 with autism?

Join us for Ava’s Law Day at the Georgia State Capitol on Mon, Feb 25th from 8AM to 11AM!  For more details on Ava’s Law or Ava’s Law Day, go to:

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