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Russom Gets an Upgraded Sensory Room

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

One of the most pronounced characteristics of a child on the Autism spectrum is the amplified sensory interpretation of stimulus.  Sirens can sound like they are right beside an Autistic child’s ear; clothes can feel like sandpaper on their skin; brushing teeth can feel like a filling without Novocain.

Conversely, the calming effect of water, lights and sounds can be amplified as well; in other words, even more soothing than to a typical child.

Schools in Georgia that have Autism or other Special Needs programs typically have been offered an area called a Sensory Room that is equipped with equipment proven to calm the most excited child.  Russom Elementary in Dallas, GA is one such school.

Unfortunately, with many school programs, these school’s are not provided adequate funds to provide the latest and most impactful equipment.  Russom has outstanding people, including Principal Kelly Day and Special Needs Teachers Ms. Ivey Hansard and Ms. Jennifer White, who have made the most out of what was available, but today the Sensory Room at Russom Elementary is the best in North Georgia Public Schools.

With a $20,000 grant from Emma’s Emmbassadors and an approval by the Paulding County School Board, the imagination and vision of the staff, and some donated painting by “Parker’s Designs”, the transformation was complete.

Click the play arrow below to hear Principal Kelly Day’s emotional message to Emmbassador Stephanie upon seeing the children enter the new Sensory Room for the first time!

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