Emma's Emmbassadors Update

A quick update as we close out January.

First, I apologize for all of you who tried to sign up for the 100 boxes online game. It was much more challenging than I thought initially to get signed up. If you were able and purchased a square or two, we appreciate your donation and good luck with the game. If you would like to purchase squares and don’t want to deal with the online challenge, send me a reply with the number you would like to purchase and I will reserve them for you.

Second, as our previous communications indicated, the end of January is a milestone for the golf tournament. Subsequently, the $250 discount for registering of foursome ends. However, we started registration a little late so we are extending the discount through Super Bowl Sunday February 2.

Please take advantage and register early. www.golf4emma.com

We also have sponsorship opportunities available.

Enjoy the Big Game and let me know if I can help.


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