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Seven Hills and Bentwater Residents

Emma’s Emmbassadors, founded in 2009, has provided over $250,000 to local families and schools who are affected by Autism. Autism awareness month is April and except for 1 year since our founding, our largest fundraiser has been held at the Bentwater Golf Club on the last Monday of April. This year, we will once again hold this event at the Bentwater Golf Club on April 29th.

The Bentwater and Seven Hills communities have been tremendous supporters of Emma’s Emmbassadors and this year we are offering a unique way to support Autism Awareness and Emma’s Emmbassadors. Our first ever Emma’s Emmbassadors Yard Flag is available for purchase immediately so that homeowners can show their support by displaying the entire month of April.

Also, for those homeowners living on the golf course, we are asking that you display your flag on the golf course side of your property on April 29th so all the golfers and volunteers can see the Emmbassadors all day long.

To purchase your flag immediately, go to

OR email us at with the following information



Phone Number

Email address

To learn more about Emma’s Emmbassadors and see some of the great work your generosity has delivered go to

Thank you for your generous support.

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